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Cured meat

Meat type
Produktų pagal šiuos kriterijus nėra.

Spanish cured chorizo sausage „Embutidos Sola"

Spain / pork

It is a typically Spanish meat product. This type of meat sausages whose basic ingredients are paprika and garlic are rarely elaborated in other countries.

Spanish cured sausage Jamones Iberico "Nico Jamones"

Spain / pork

The Pata Negra (Black Foot) Iberico meat from Spain. It has a richness and flavour that simply cannot be found in other breeds of pork.

Spanish cured sausage Jamones Iberico Salchichon "Nico Jamones"

Spain / pork

Ibérico salchichón sausages are simply seasoned with sea salt and black pepper and hung to cure in the cool mountain air for several weeks.

Salchichón sausage "Embutidos Sola"

Spain / pork

Salchichón is a Spanish summer sausage that is made with pork by drying combination.

Serrano ham

Spain / pork

Serrano ham is the pride of Spain. Very high quality dried pork ham, with a mild and natural taste, with a delicate taste of saltiness. Serrano has a solid texture and is low fat. Ham is used not only in gourmet cuisine but also on the daily dining table. Carefully selected pork is salted in sea salt and then hung to dry for about 12 months. After that it is placed in a special stand where it is cut into ultra-thin strips of equal size. This product is gluten-free.

Italian salami "Milano"

Italy / pork

From 20th century deep roots reached family business suggest "Milano" salami with high quality and extraordinary taste.

Italian salami "Napoli"

Italy / pork

The Napoli is a typical salami specialty by Neapolitan recipe: coarse dough, light smoke and peppercorns make for a spicy flavor.

Cured sausage "Salchichon Cular Extra"

Spain / pork

Sausage carefully cured and made following the tradition from centuries ago, obtaining the best sausage of Vic.

Spanish fuet sausage „Fuet Espatec Extra Sola“

Spain / pork

It is example of the excellent Spanish meat product. Cured sausage "Fuet" are made by the hundreds years old recipes.

Italian cured ham "San Michele"

Italy / pork

Seasoned and dry-aged to perfection, prosciutto crudo is never cooked (hence the name crudo which means “raw” Italian). It has a deep red color, marbled with streaks of flavorful fat

Spanish mini sausage „Mini Fuet"

Spain / pork

Fuetis’ snacks are a range of small packaged products that can be eaten anywhere, at any time: a healthy alternative for a quick snack.

Portuguese sausage "Chourico"

Portugal / pork

Chouriço is perhaps the most popular Portuguese sausage and is similar to Spanish chorizo, but also smoked.

Portuguese sausage "Linguica"

Portugal / pork

Linguica (Ling-GWEE-zuh) is a pork sausage heavily spiced with paprika, chiles and garlic.