The whole truth about cheeses with Paulius Ruškys

The whole truth about cheeses with Paulius Ruškys

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Cheese Feta Kourellas

Greece / goat, sheep milk

Greek fresh, brine cheese is white, soft texture, with irregular holes, with a savory taste and made from pasteurized sheep and goat milk.

Papouis Halloumi cheese

Cyprus / goat, sheep milk

The "Halloumi" is the traditional cheese of the island of Cyprus. It is a semi-hard, unripened cheese, with a high melting temperature therefore it can easily be fried or grilled. Papouis Halloumi Cheese is the authentic halloumi made with only sheep’s and goat’s milk, and has the distinctive mint in its contents, like it was traditionally made. It is delicious and ideal for every halloumi recipe.

Bulgarian cheese Brinza

Bulgaria / cow milk

This cheese is the pride of Bulgarian cheese-makers. It is 43% fat cheese, made from pasteurized cow's milk and is matured in brine. It is soft and crumbly cheese with a salty sour taste and has a slightly grainy texture. It is advised to soak this cheese in mineral water or milk for several minutes before eating it. After this procedure it becomes more tastier.

Grill & pan cheese Rücker

Germany / cow milk

It is high quality grill cheese which is full-bodied cheese with a juicy consistency that can be grilled and roasted perfectly without melting. It is made according to the original recipe by Klaus Rücker himself. In addition, it consists of 100% northern German coastal farmer's milk. There are two flavors of this cheese: natural and herbal taste. It is a delicious side dish or alternative to meat for grill fans and pan fans.

Salad cheese in cubes Waterkant

Germany / cow milk

German cheese, that has a soft, elastic texture, immersed in brine, cut into 14 mm cubes. 45% fat, made from pasteurized cow's milk, white colour. This brine cheese is a major ingredient in various types of salads, and is also suitable for blended soups. For customers it's very comfortable packaged, because it is already cut into cubes and ready to use.

White cheese Blancello

Germany / cow milk

German cheese made from pasteurized cows milk, 45% fat, white, with some acidity in flavour. This cheese has been produced since 1890, according to long esatblished German cheesemaking traditions. The high quality of cheese is confirmed by the multiple awards of medals at the German Agricultural Association.

White cheese Le Vache De Paris

France / cow milk

French cheese, mainly for salads. 40% fat, made from pasteurized cows milk, using a special ultrafiltration technology and matured for at least 20 days in a sealed Tetra Pak package. The cheese has a very white colour, cheesy flavour and a pleasantly delicate aroma. Soft consistency cheese is packed in sealed packs, while protecting it from sunlight, so it remains fresh and retains valuable nutritional properties to ensure the highest quality of cheese.

Cheese product Delaktis

France / cow milk

It is a combi white cheese, 55% fat, does not have a peel, is soft in texture and is immersed in the brine. Ready to prepare salads, espacially Greek salads.

Aristides salad cubes with herbs and olives in oil

Germany / cow milk

Soft brine cheese, cut in cubes, made from pasteurized cows milk. This cheese is 45% fat, enriched with green and black olives, as well as a mixture of different herbs, and the oil infusion reveals a wonderful aroma. The high quality of cheese is confirmed by the multiple awards of medals at the German Agricultural Awards.

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