The whole truth about cheeses with Paulius Ruškys

The whole truth about cheeses with Paulius Ruškys

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Paysan Breton unsalted butter

The Paysan Breton butter is a soft and creamy traditional product, easily spreadable. It contains 80% butter, 20% milk and natural emulsifiers.

Country of origin


Milk type

cow milk

History and uniqueness

Enjoy a traditional unsalted butter with a creamy taste and beautiful flutes. Always with the Paysan Breton commitments: Guaranteed milk from Brittany and Pays de la Loire. A cooperative brand, to bring farmers and consumers together. A simple recipe, with no artificial colouring or flavouring, no preservatives, in accordance with butter regulations. Buttery on your tastebuds and rich to your fingers, this is award-winning Breton butter at its best. The softness at room temperature makes spreading a little easier, so you can enjoy it as it was meant to be enjoyed. Handcrafted by the women of Brittany using traditional methods that have been passed down over centuries This full-fat butter is made in France with a traditional knitting process called Moulage, and contains an extra 30% salted butter.

Goes best with


France is famous for warm and buttery baguettes and Paysan Breton butter is the country's favorite brand. The high-protein, fresh, soft-salted butter is ideal for baking, sauteing and cooking. Its lightly salted taste makes it ideal for cooking fish and vegetables, spreading on your morning toast or simply melted in a warm baguette. Treat yourself to the luscious taste of Paysan Breton butter with its incomparable creamy taste. This butter is at its best for making delicious crepes, pancakes and French toast.