The whole truth about cheeses with Paulius Ruškys

The whole truth about cheeses with Paulius Ruškys

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Butter sheets Le Grand Tourage Flechard 1kg

This tourage butter is produced from selected dairy ingredient that gives to the product a high and constant dropping point. Perfect for all layered pastry applications including puff pastry, croissants and danish pastry. Excellent flattening plasticity and easy to use due to high melting point.

Country of origin


Milk type

cow milk

History and uniqueness

The perfect croissant is easy with the right butter. Flechard Le Grand Tourage Butter Sheets are made from France pasteurized milk. They’re designed for their ease of use and flexibility, ensuring deliciously crisp, flaky croissants with a honeycomb texture and rich, authentic butter flavor. Conveniently sized butter sheets that delight pastry chefs. Easy to work with, they produce light, flaky and flavorsome croissants every time.

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