The whole truth about cheeses with Paulius Ruškys

The whole truth about cheeses with Paulius Ruškys

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Cheese and dairy products Butter

Buffalo butter Fattorie Garofalo

Traditional Italian regional product. This 82 % fat butter is made of pasteurized cream from buffalo whey trough a churning process. It is pale porcelain in colour and intense in flavour. An ideal and necessary product for breakfast, lunch or dessert table.

Country of origin


Milk type

buffalo milk

History and uniqueness

Buffalo Butter is a PAT product. It is an official approval for traditional Italian regional food products similar to the Protected Geographical Status of the European. In all the areas of mozzarella production around Naples, Caserta and Salerno, a special kind of butter called "burro di bufala" is made out buffalo milk or the whey left over from mozzarella production. Buffalo milk is rich in vitamins A, B, C, protein and nutrients. Because of the fact that buffalo milk does not contain casein it is much more easier to digest than cow’s milk. Furthermore, buffalo milk has a positive effect on the quality of sleep, improves activity of the central nervous system and boosts up the immune system.

Goes best with


Fresh baked bread, scones, mashes, vegetables, cakes, pies, cookies.